Automobile and Truck Product Liability

For decades, the law has recognized the theory of crashworthiness. This means that if you are in a car or truck accident, the manufacturer has the responsibility to design and manufacture your vehicle so it is reasonably crashworthy. There are also accidents where a defect in the car or truck may have caused the accident. It may be that the seat belt or airbag did not perform properly in a collision, or the vehicle caught fire, or it rolled over during a normal maneuver. If a person suffers death or serious injury in a traffic accident, and the car or truck did not perform as it should have, a potential product liability claim should be investigated. The following are examples of potential areas for product liability claims:

  • Gasoline or Fuel related Fires
  • Seat Belts
  • Air Bags
  • Car or Truck Seat Failures
  • Rollover stability
  • Excessive Roof Crush
  • Tire Blow–out or De–tread
  • Sudden Acceleration
  • Structural Defect
  • Warnings and Recalls

If an accident happens and a potential product defect is at fault, it is important to contact an experienced attorney quickly. The preservation of the car or truck and early investigation my make the difference in your case. We can help you determine whether you have a car or truck product liability claim. Please contact our office for a free consultation for you potential claim.

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