Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many serious injuries are sustained in motor vehicle collisions in mid-Missouri. Most car, truck, and motorcycle accidents are the result of negligence on the part of one or more drivers. As an accident victim, you will need to establish that another driver breached his or her duty of care, thereby causing your injuries, in order to recover compensation. You have five years from the date of a motor vehicle collision caused by another driver, to file a lawsuit.

When more than one driver is alleged to be at fault, Missouri courts follow a pure comparative fault rule. This means that the jury will determine the total damages and also assign a percentage of fault to each party. The amount a plaintiff may recover is proportionate to the defendant’s degree of fault.

At the AW Smith Law Firm, we are experienced in handling all types of motor vehicle accidents, even the most complicated ones. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision or a family member has been injured or killed, you want the AW Smith Law Firm on your side, representing you and your family. We are a team of experienced auto accident lawyers and paralegals. We have a proven record of helping our clients receive maximum compensation. Call the AW Smith Law Firm at (573) 777-3333 today. You will discover why we say, “Hire a Law Firm Horsepower!”

The AW Smith Law Firm handles all types of motor vehicle accidents including; car accidents, truck accidents, tractor trailer accidents, bus accidents, accidents involving commercial vehicles, motorcycle accidents, ATV accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents and wave runner accidents.

If you have been injured by the thoughtless act of others, we can help. The AW Smith Law Firm is highly experienced and talented. We can get you the compensation you need to make a full recovery or the best recovery possible.

Our accident lawyers work with a large network of national experts to thoroughly investigate auto accidents and identify all contributing factors. We use this information to build solid, evidence-based cases that greatly improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. Without the AW Smith Law Firm on your side, you’re at the mercy of the insurance companies who are often more concerned with profits than helping victims of injury.

The AW Smith Law Firm will advise you and your family, while managing your claims against the big insurance companies. It is common in most cases that victims can recover money for all of their medical bills, lost wages, damages and for the past, current and future pain and suffering, they have or will experience.

The AW Smith Law Firm is a serious injury and wrongful death law firm. The sole focus of our practice, is getting our clients the settlements they deserve, after they have suffered an injury or loss. Many of these losses and injuries happen during a motor vehicle accident. Our past results, speak volumes about our talent and our passion, in helping each of our clients. We have been recognized nationally, for the success we have had on behalf of our clients. Serious accidents can happen to good people. When they do, be sure to call The AW Smith Law Firm at 573-777-3333 or contact us through our website at There is never an initial consultation fee or a contingency fee unless we recover for our clients.

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